Jin Entertainment is the company that founded in 2011 by CEO Ms. Park who is purpose was to serve the needs of the entertainment industry and marketing field.Jin Entertainment is a Bangkok, Thailand - based company that creates an unforgettable experience by strategizing and orchestrating event.

     In addition, not only Thailand but also Southeast Asian countries are hosting and holding events, public relations, and seminars. We also provide services that perform service advertisements in all types of media channels to find the right targets for customers and promote them accordingly.


    Jin Entertainment is a company that respects law and social norms. Based on these beliefs, we will strive to be an exemplary model of the entertainment industry and to uphold the company’s name and value.We prides itself with these values and strives to be an exemplary leader in the entertainment industry. 

    We deeply appreciate the customers who visited us and we  will continue to do our best to match our global clients' constantly changing demands and objectives with the best quality service and implementation of experiences.